Mount Olympus

photographer: Apostolos Grinias
photographer: Apostolos Grinias
  • Code:

    Thessaly, Macedonia

  • Geogr. region::

    Θεσσαλία, Μακεδονία

  • Area:

    19.139,59 ha

  • Κατηγορία Προστατευόμενης Περιοχής:

    SAC - SPA

Mount Olympus was the first National Park established in 1938 as an area of special ecological importance with rare and diverse flora and fauna. Over 1.700 species of plants have been recorded on Olympus representing 25% of all Greek flora, constituting a wide variety of vegetation types formed by its intense topographic relief and geomorphological formations of the subsoil, the short distance from the sea and the existence of many micro-environments.

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