LIFE-IP ADAPTInGR – Boosting the implementation of adaptation policy across Greece (LIFE17 IPC/GR/000006)


The integrated project LIFE-IP AdaptInGR is the most important project for adapting Greece to climate change.

The project aims to catalyse the implementation of the Greek National Adaptation Strategy and of the 13 Regional Adaptation Action Plans at the current 1st adaptation policy cycle (2016-2025) and to prepare the passage to the 2nd adaptation policy cycle (2026+), through appropriate action at national, regional and local level.


It seeks specifically to:

-build the capacity of public authorities mandated to plan and deliver adaptation actions and policies,

-create an effective mechanism to monitor, evaluate and update adaptation actions and policies,

-develop pilot adaptation projects in 3 Regions and 5 Municipalities in priority adaptation sectors (flood risk management, coastal zone management, forest fire protection in drought-prone areas, sustainable water management, land-use planning and regeneration),

-raise public and stakeholders awareness of climate change adaptation,

-mobilise complementary European and national funding and other financial sources to implement adaptation policies,

-disseminate good practice examples across Greece, Eastern Mediterranean and European Union,

-frame the next adaptation policy cycle (2026+) through evidenced-based evaluations and reviews of the Greek National Adaptation Strategy and of the Regional Adaptation Action Plans.


The project will run for eight years (2019-2026) and has an overall budget of €14.2 million. An €8.3 million of the budget comes from EU funding, €2.4 million from national funding (Green Fund), €3.2 million from partners funding and €0.3 million from private sector co-financers. The NECCA budget is €0.78 million.

NECCA has undertaken (either as a coordinator or as a partner) the following actions, as part of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project:

– Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policy in Greece through the overview of the Greek NAS and RAAPs.

– Analysis of synergies between climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, in view of the 2050 Long-term Low Emission Strategy. (coordinator)

– Capacity building for the adaptation implementation and integration at national, regional and local level.

– Development and operation of the Greek National Adaptation Hub. (coordinator)

– Monitoring the contribution of the project to the implementation of the Greek National Adaptation Strategy.

– Monitoring the environmental impact of the project’s pilot actions.

– Finally, NECCA participates in actions of dissemination, communication and transferability of the results of the project and co-organizes conferences and thematic workshops.

Link of the project

Link of the Greek National Climate Adaptation Hub

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