Areas of Action

Operating within the implementation framework of policies set by the MEEN, N.E.C.C.A. undertakes actions related to the management and conservation of protected areas in Greece, promoting and implementing sustainable development and tackling climate change.

N.E.C.C.A plays a coordinating role by providing administrative support and permanent scientific monitoring with the goal of implementing relevant management plans in protected areas.

N.E.C.C.A elaborates the Five-Year Action Plan for the management of PA’s, as well as the Priority Action Framework (PAF), a tool for strategic and operational planning. At the same time, it conducts scientific research, prepares studies, designs and implements research and technological development programs, in collaboration with scientific bodies, organizations, research and educational institutes, and NGO’s. In order for N.E.C.C.A. to achieve its goals and purpose, these collaborations extend to the European and international levels. Additionally, it supervises and cooperates with the areas recognized by UNESCO as Greek UNESCO World Geoparks and Greek Biosphere Reserves of the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” Program (MAB/UNESCO) and through the conclusion of memoranda of cooperation, it ensures the implementation of promotional activities.

The Agency provides an opinion on the appropriate assessment of the impacts of each plan and project in its PAs, evaluating how it may affect the integrity of the area and its conservation objectives. It also proposes the licensing of any kind of organized and group ecotourism and sports activities, while assisting in the process of issuing permits for scientific research, technical tests/analyses within the PAs.

N.E.C.C.A provides scientific and technical support to the MEEN for the elaboration and implementation of plans, programs and actions imposed by national, European and international law and for the preparation of the reports mandated by EU Directives and regulations on environment and climate change. It participates in policies aimed at shaping, promoting, and implementing the country’s international cooperation on environmental issues, sustainable development, and climate change mitigation, while supporting the MEEN in meeting the country’s obligations towards the European Environment Agency.

N.E.C.C.A collects and processes data from databases and information networks on the environment and climate change so as to promote sustainable development and tackle climate change. It compiles the annual State of the Environment Report, which assesses the condition of the country’s environment and assesses current environmental policy objectives, guidelines, and measures. Additionally, N.E.C.CA. proposes preventive policy measures and undertakes the elaboration and implementation of national and European programs for the environment, sustainable development, and climate change.

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