Carbon Footprint Reports

Carbon Footprint Report Submission

(application of article 20 of National Climate Law)



Enterprises that fall within the scope of article 20 of the National Climate Law 4936/2022, are obliged to submit a carbon footprint report to the online database operated by NECCA. Verification of the report prior its submission is mandatory, according to section 4 of Climate Law’s article 20.

NECCA’s database online address is and access to it requires identification with taxisnet codes (personal or corporative ones).

The Online Database for Carbon Footprint Report Submission is part of the integrated information repository for climate change NECCA implements, under the stewardship of Ministry of Environment and Energy, contributing to the enforcement of our national climate policy and, especially, to the aim of ensuring Greece’ s economy and society becoming climate – neutral by 2050, by achieving intermediate targets of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions, as stated in our National Climate Law.