N.E.C.C.A’s Objectives and tasks

N.E.C.C.A is the sole successor of the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (NCESD) and the 36 Management Bodies of PAs. The process of succession and renaming of the NCESD to “Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency” (N.E.C.C.A) was determined by legal provisions in laws 4685/2020, 4722/2020 and 4819/2021.
N.E.C.C.A. is supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and has administrative and financial autonomy and operates for the benefit of the public interest according to the rules of private sector economy.

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P.A.M.U’s Objectives and tasks

• Participation in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and update of PA management plans, as well as monitoring the status of species and habitat types of international, EU and national interest in the areas of their territorial jurisdiction.

• Compilation of annual reports on the protected areas of their territorial jurisdiction.

• Preparation of studies and research, as well as contributing towards the execution of technical works or other projects which are necessary for the protection, conservation, restoration, and promotion of protected areas, as set out in the relevant management plans,

Consultation with local communities, the prirmary sector and any stakeholders involved within their areas, in order to facilitate integrated management, effective protection and promotion of the values ​​of protected areas, as well as the inclusion of environmental parameters in local development standards and programs,

Informing and sensitizing the public and the primary sector bodies on issues related to N.E.C.C.A.’s objective and the purposes. In this context, PAMUs can establish and operate information centers and undertake relevant publishing activities in printed or digital format,

• Organizing and participating in training and educational programs, as well as conferences, workshops, seminars, and other informative events, with the aim of promoting and highlighting the objectives of protected area management,

• Assisting in the monitoring of environmental legislation implementation, the specific terms and regulations that are in place in each PA,

• Participation in local fire prevention planning in collaboration with the MEEN and the Ministry of Citizen Protection,

• Preparation of Local Priority Action Plans, which define the needs and funding priorities related to the management of protected areas and the maintenance of a good degree of conservation for habitats,

• Collection of scientific information and reliable statistical data derived from research conducted in their areas of jurisdiction and establishing relevant thematic and spatial databases,

• Proposal of financial tools and revenues from ecotourism and other activities in order to promote local products of the primary sector and implement actions aimed at regional and local development.

• Participating in the implementation of national, European or international programs and actions related to their areas while promoting the objectives of the PAMUs,

• Drafting plans for the protection of their areas of jurisdiction and cooperating with the competent authorities for their implementation,

• Concluding partnership agreements and memoranda of cooperation with other public services and bodies,

• Promotion, support, organization, implementation and approval of ecotourism activities within the protected areas.

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φωτογράφος: Γεώργιος Κοσμάς

Regarding the management of Protected Areas:

coordinating the implementation of national policy for protected areas with the support of the National System of Governance of Protected Areas,
• conducting scientific research and relevant studies,
• preparation of a Five-Year Action Plan,
• preparing and monitoring the implementation of the Priority Action Framework,
• establishment of an open-access web portal with free information related to the protection status of Greek biodiversity and provision of the appropriate infrastructure for thematic and spatial databases,
• planning and support of networks on the state of the natural environment, on species and habitat conservation and preparation of specialized studies in collaboration with co-competent authorities,
• examining the potential of securing funding for national operational programs from all available funding sources,
• design, submission and implementation of research and technological development programs, pilot projects and strategic studies on the national / European / international level,
• conclusion of all kinds of contracts, agreements, and memoranda of cooperation,
• ensuring the application of good practices in its area of jurisdiction, formulating proposals for the utilization of acquired expertise,
proposal of draft papers of legislative and regulatory acts related to the management of PAs,
cooperation with competent authorities and organizations for information dissemination, raising awareness and education of the public on protected areas,
• cooperation with relevant European and international organizations, operational bodies and authorities, research and educational institutions, scientific and productive bodies, public and private, as well as NGOs regarding protected area management issues,
• organization of conferences and educational seminars and publication of research and general scientific findings,
guidance on the coexistence of ‘soft’ productive activities in the context of PA’s protection objectives and integrity maintenance,
appropriate assessment of plans and projects scheduled to take place within Natura 2000 sites and evaluation of their implications for each site, in view of the site’s conservation objectives,
• proposing the licensing of any kind of organized and group ecotourism and sports activities,
assisting in the issue of permits for scientific research, technical tests/analyses within the PAs,
• management of public lands allotted to, leased, purchased, or rented by N.E.C.C.A., and implementation of the necessary interventions according to the relevant management plan,
• developing any other activity related to its purposes,
• supervision and cooperation with the areas recognized by UNESCO as Greek World Geoparks UNESCO and Greek Biosphere Reserves of the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” Program (MAB UNESCO) and ensuring the implementation of actions to promote them, through memoranda of cooperation.

Regarding the promotion of sustainable development and climate change mitigation:

• data collection and processing from databases and information networks, supervision and guidance of the NSGPA and other environmental information data banks, provision of operational and technological support,

• supporting the MEEN in meeting the country’s obligations towards the European Environment Agency,
• compilation of annual evaluation reports on the state of the country’s environment and assessments of current environmental policy objectives, guidelines, and measures.
• providing scientific and technical support to the MEEN and other competent Ministries enabling them to adopt necessary measures, elaborate plans, execute programs and actions imposed by national, European and international law; supporting the preparation of mandatory reports under the EU directives and regulations on the environment and climate change,
• supporting the MEEN and other public bodies in the formation, promotion, and implementation of international collaborations,
• development and proposal of preventive policy measures for the environment and climate change,
• development / implementation of national or European programs and actions on the environment, sustainable development and climate change,
• organizing training and educational programs on environmental issues, sustainable development and climate change mitigation, as well as conferences, workshops, training seminars and information events,
• issuing publications in print or digital format, as well as other related promotional or information activities,
• assigning the execution of projects, elaboration of studies and general provision of services that promote its founding purposes,
• memorandum of cooperation with the MEEN, in order to coordinate the implementation of Ministerial policy on matters of climate change and sustainable development.

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