Organizational Structure

The Board of Directors of O.F.Y.PE.K.A. was established by decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy and was defined as follows:

Following along the lines of relevant European agencies, N.E.C.C.A.’s structure is geared towards a more flexible organization of its departments, so as to effectively monitor actions and procedures, promote synergies and apply know-how among its personnel.

Specifically, N.E.C.C.A consists of a Directorate General comprised of: a) the Directorate of Sustainable Development and Climate Change, further divided into the Department of Sustainable Development and the Department of Climate Change, b) two Directorates for the Management of Protected Areas consisting of the Protected Area Management Units (PAMUs) at the department level, and c) the Directorate of Administration & Finance, which consists of the Department of Administration & Human Resources, the Department of Financial Management, the Office of Procurement & Logistics and the Office of Accounts. In addition, three independent departments operate under the Directorate General: a) Geospatial Data & Information Technologies Management, b) Research & Development Programs and c) Works and Infrastructure for the Protection of the Natural Environment (Technical Services). Finally, there is a Secretariat Office providing support to the Administrative Board and the CEO.